Zazzau emirate development association was therefore formed in order to protect the rights, interest aspirations of Zazzau emirate and its people in particular as well as Kaduna state and Nigeria at large.

His Royal Highness, Emir of Zazzau

Zazzau Emirate

Zazzau is one of the oldest kingdom in Nigeria dating back to the period of the first Habe ruler of Zazzau, Gunguma, Before the emergence of Zazzau, many ancient settlements existed within and around the present day Zaria.


Historical Parspective

The Emirate is called Zazzau and the people within Emirate are called Zagezagi (sing. Bazazzagi (m), Bazazzagi (f)). Zaria is the name of the headquarters the city was founded in the sixteenth century.

Our Aim & Objectives

  • To protect the interest of Zazzau community
  • To advance the educational, social, cultural and economic development of Zazzau community
  • To promote self respect and self reliance among its people
  • To serve as mouth piece for the entire Zazzau community
  • To encourage peaceful and harmonious co-existence and communal living environment for the entire Zazzau community
  • To encourage and promote matters that will enhance the economic status of individual members of the entire Zazzau community
  • To help and improve the health and sanitary conditions of the people
  • To support and encourage vigilante groups and other organizations beneficial to Zazzau community
  • To promote forum for dialogue among members concerning good neighborliness, discipline, social welfare and other issues
  • To assist members of community who fall victims of disasters or calamities
  • To advise members of Zazzau community on matters affecting their welfare
  • To discuss and deal with any other issue either affecting an individual member of some groups or whole community.


We have never had if so easy with both public leaders and security personnel before they were able to understand our objectives. We resisted all type of intimidations and continued with our journey to the present poison we find ourselves. Some of our achievements since inception includes... click