About Us

Zazzau advisory forum formerly known as Zazzau consultative forum came into existences on 1st January 2000, subsequently, the name of the association was changed later in that year to Zazzau advisory forum. The association emerged as a result of deterioration and backwardness bothering our developments with regard to security, social, political and economic status of our emirate. These constitute in negative challenge to our children and succeeding generation. This is exactly the reason for the setting up of our forum so as to bring succor to our beloved emirate instead of deafening silence which had greeted these challenges before. Consequently, a group of patriotic and public spirited individuals of Zazzau emirate considered it desirable and necessary to form a body which will take care of these or at least bring some solace. Zazzau emirate development association was therefore formed in order to protect the rights, interest aspirations  of Zazzau emirate and its people in particular as well as Kaduna state and Nigeria at large. With these development, it is now incontrovertible that Zage-zagi’s have a forum where there legitimate interests and aspirations could be protected and projected.