Igabi Local Government


Igabi Local Government Area was created in 1989 out of the Zaria Local Government. The L.G.A. is made up of three districts namely: Igabi , Rigachukun and Rigasa. It is one of 774 local government Area (LGAs) in Nigeria. The first confirmed H5N1 (bird flu) outbreak in an African country was on February 8, 2006 on a commercial chicken farm in Jaji, a village in Igabi.

 Administrative structure

The administrative structure of the Local Government is of a pyramidal nature with the Director of Personnel management at the head. Under  him are departments that take care of the day to day running of the Local Government Affairs. These are Personal Management Department, Internal Audit unit, Information Unit, Legal Services Unit, Finance Department, Agriculture Department, Medical and Health Department, Works, Land/Survey Department, Local Education Authority and social Welfare Unit.


The Local Government is dominated by farmers who produce food crops on commercial level. Major crops produced in the Local Government include: Yams, maize, guinea corn, beans and sugarcane.

Chief Executive (PAST)

When the Local Government was created in 1989


The commercial activities of Igabi Local Government Area Centre mainly on markets and transport. There are many weekly and daily markets in the Local Government Area that attract buyers from different parts of Kaduna state in particular and Nigeria in general. Good example of these markets is Rigasa and Gadangaya markets. The Local Government generates at least N4,000:00 weekly from Gadangaya Market for instance.

The Local Government also generated some substantial revenue from motor parks.A good example of this is the Maraba Jos Motor park where trailers to and from far places like Jos, Kano, Ibadan and Lagos do park for a day or two.


Igabi Local Government has good plans for the educational development of its citizens. The Local Government for instance has 71 public primary schools with a total enrolement of 40,214 pupils. There  are 33 private primary school with 10,797 pupils, giving an overall total of 51,001 primary school pupils in the Local Government .Igabi Local Government has seven (7) Day Secondary Schools at RigaChikun, Jaji,Birnin Yero Kwanan Farakwai, Zangon Aya, Gadan Gaya and Turunku.


a)  Director of Personnel Management

b) Head of Administration

c) Treasurer

d) Head of Agric

e) Head of Works/Lands

f)Education Secretary

g) Head of Health

Financial Institutions

Igabi  Local Government enjoys a reasonable presence of Federal Government. The following government agencies exist in the Local Government.

a)    Directorate for Food, Road and Rural Insfrastructure (DFRRI)

b)    National Electrol Commission (INEC)

c)    National Orientation Agency(NOA)

d)    National Directorate for Employment (NDE)

e)    Business Apprenticeship  Training Centre (BATC)

f)     NTI



The Headquarter of Igabi Local Government is Turunku.

Health Facilities

a)    Rigachukun  P.H.C.

b)    Rigachukun M.CH.

c)    Rigachukun Health Office

d)    Sheikh Abubakar Gumi P.H.C. Maraban Jos

e)    Korau H. Clinic

f)     Ruhogi P.H.C

g)    Kurmin Kaduna Health Clinic

h)    Sani Zangon Daura P.H.C. NDC(Anguwan Kaji)

i)      Igabi P.H.C

j)      Ahehu (Kasuwan Daji) Health Clinic

k)    Turunku P.H.C

l)      Zangon Aya Health Clinic

m)  Kamfanin Zango Helth Clinic

n)    Bargu P.H.C.

o)    Farakwai Health Clinic

p)    GadanGayan P.H.C

q)    Rigasa P.H.C

r)     Sabon Birni Health Clinic

s)     Mando Afaka Health Clinic

t)     Gwada Health Clinic

u)    Wusono Health Clinic

v)    Dinki Health Clinic

Total 23 Health Facilities


The L.G.A. has seven (7) Sharia Court of grade one Status.


The L.G.A. has the Hausa, Fulani and Gwari


According to 2006 the National Census figures, Igabi L.G.A has a population of 430,753 people.

Postal Address

Igabi L.G.A. Secretariat, P.M.B.001, via Jaji .

Problems of the L.G.A.

The Major problem of the L.G.A is lack of   good and road network. The road to secretariat from Jos junction needs urgent attention.

Recreation Facilities/Sport

The L.G.A .organizes football and traditional competitions. There  are video operators whose activities  are overseen by the social welfare unit of the Local Government.

Religious Institution

Islam and Christianity are the two religious being practiced in the L.G.A. Mosque and Churches are built in different parts of the L.G.A. for worshipping activities.

Tourist Attractions

The only tourist   attraction in the L.G.A. is Turunku  Hill  where Zazzau took her origin.

Towns and Village

There are at least 56 towns and villages in Igabi L.G.A .Some of these are Turunku,Kwara, Rigachikun, Gwada, Dunki Padda, Ifira, Igabi, Rihogi, Kaban, Birnin Yero, Jaji, Gwaji, Maraban Jos.

Traditional Rulers

The L.G.A. has three traditional rulers who assist the Chief Executive of the L.G.A. to administer the people of the L.G.A. effectively. The traditional rulers act in their capacity as district heads. They are:

a)    Igabi District

b)    Rigachikun District

c)    Rigasa District

d)    Kwarau District

e)    Farakwai District

f)     Zangon Aya District

g)    Afaka District

h)    Sabon Birni District

i)      Fan shanu District

j)      Kwaro

k)    Gwaraji

l)      Kerawa

m)  Jaji

Water Supply

The main source of drinkable water for the people of the L.G.A. is bore holes which are provided in many parts of the L.G.A. These are however tap water in Rigachikun, Rigasa and Jaji, from river Kaduna.