Administrative Structure

This Local Government consists of districts namely:

  1. Ikara district
  2. Paki district
  3. Pala
  4. Auchan
  5. Kurmin Kogi
  6. Furana
  7. Saulawa

It has six(6) department which are as follows:


  1. Personnel Department
  2. Finance & Supply Department
  3. Works Department
  4. Agricultural Department
  5. Health Department
  6. Education Department


This Local Government depends mainly on farming and cattle reading.



The commercials activities in the local Government consist of farm products. Below is the list of their main markets.

  1. Ikara central market/market stalls
  2. Ikara Tomatoes


There are twelve Secondary Schools in this Local Government namely:-

  1. Government science secondary school ,Ikara
  2. Government Day Secondary School ,Ikara
  3. Government Vocational Training School ,Ikara
  4. Government Day Secondary School ,Pala
  5. Government Day Secondary School ,Auchan
  6. Government Day Secondary School ,Paki


Financial Institutions

There is Bank at Ikara and Lead way Assurance is the other financial institution in Ikara LGA

Financial Resources

  1. a) Federal Statutory allocation which is received on a monthly basis.
  2. b) Internally generated revenues from markets, taxable adults and motor parks.

Government Agencies

  1. a) Rural Electrification Board(REB)
  2. b) NIPOST
  3. c) NPC
  4. d) NITEL

Geographical Features

There is no distinct geographical features in the LGA The LGA has borders with Makarfi Local Government in the west, Soba in the south, Tudun Wada in Kano State in the North.Kubau by the South


Ikara , Which is a major town is the headquarters

Health Facilities

There are five comprehensive health centers and forty four Health Clinics located in the following Area .

  1. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ikara
  2. Comprehensive Health Centre, Paki
  3. Comprehensive Health Centre Auchan

There are Health Clinics under Ikara LGs with four Health Centers located in Ikara itself.


The Local Government was created in 1976 from the defunct Zaria Province. The first Chairman.


Ikara food Processing Company (Tomato)


The Local Government has three courts at the headquarters, Ikara, namely:

  1. Magistrate court
  2. Upper Sharia court
  3. Sharia court

Mineral Resources

  1. a) Precious stone
  2. b) Limestone deposits.




194,723 people

Postal Address

P.M.B 1101,Ikara


Islam is the dominant religion

Recreational Facilities

The numerous schools and tertiary institutions provide play grounds for sports and recreational activities in L.G.A.

Road Network

Road Construction received attention during the period of Governor Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi

Roads are enumerated below:

  1. Ikara –Tashaen Yari Road
  2. Ikara –Panbeguwa Road
  3. Anchau –Kudaru Road
  4. Paki Kwanan Dangora Road
  5. Anchau- Banki- Wagaho Road
  6. Ikara –Tudun Wada of Kano State Road
  7. Kurmin Kogi-Yan Marmara Road
  8. Ikara –Zaria Road
  9. Ikara –Furana-Dan Lawal

Tertiary Institution

There are two of them namely

  1. School of Health Technology, Pambeguwa )Shift to Kubau
  2. Co-operative Institute Ikara

Traditional Rulers

The following areas are administered by Districts Heads. Are:

  1. Ikara District
  2. Kurmin Kogi
  3. Paki District
  4. JanFalan
  5. Pala District


Tourists Attractions

The LGA is inundated with some rocks and Kogi waterfalls.

Towns and Villages

Ikara, Malikachi, Furana, Danlawan, Kurmin Kogi, Janfalan, Auchan, Paki, Pala


The Ikara water dam