Kaduna South

Kaduna South Local Government

Is a Local Government Area in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Makera. It has an area of 59 km² and a population of 402,390 at the 2006 census.

Administrative Structure

The LGA is divided into five districts

The LGA has six departments to ensure efficiency. They are;

1      personnel department

2      Finance departments

3      Agriculture department

4      Works department

5      Health and (6) Education department

All of these are headed by head of department who are answerable to the Director of Personnel Management.


Farming is the major occupation of the people of this L.G.A Crops like corn, millet, beans, maize, sugar cane, vegetable and fruits etc are being produced in the LGA.

The Local Implements are mainly what are used in producing these crops. The governments have come to aid of these farmers by introducing tractors for hiring.

Art and Culture

The main creative arts of the people of the LGA are pottery, weaving and black smiting.


The people of the LGA Are mainly farmers hence there are markets located in various towns and villages where farm products are sold

Some of the prominent markets are those at Kawo, Ung Rimi Kasuwa  Barchi and  Makera Market


There are 28 primary schools and 5 secondary schools run by the government. There are 42 privately owned primary school and colleges.


Apart from Christmas, Ed-el Fitri, and Ed-El Kabir  festivals there   are other traditional festivals enjoyed in this LG

Financial Institution

The following financial institution could be found within the LGA

Mutunchi Community Bank, UBA University Bank, First Bank Bank of the North, Nigerian Arab Bank, Society General Bank of Nigeria, Union Bank, IBWA Alheri Community Bank.

Financial Resources of the Local Government Area

Just like other LGA in the Federation this Local Government derive its major resources from Federal statutory allocation and internally generated sources.

Geographical Features

The LGA has about 15 towns and villages and has common boundaries with Chukun LGA Kaduna North and Igabi LGA

Governmental Agencies

The Headquarter of the LGA is situated at Makera district


Headquarters of the LGA is situated at Makera district

Health Facilities

This Local Government is making great effort to see to the improvement of health services in the Area for the people. As at present there are thirteen health institutions.

Industries and Mineral Resources

The mineral resources of the L.G.A are marble and granite

The people of the Kaduna South Local Government are very industrious as they produce industrials raw materials such as cotton, tomato, fruits,etc.


The Local Government has two Magistrate court and five Arewa courts.


The Local Government has major tribes namely Hausa, Fulani Peoples.


The Local Government has a Population of 373,516 males and females as per the 1991 census.

Postal Address

The local Government has P.M.B 6116 as the postal linkage between it and corporate linkage between it and corporate bodies and individuals.

Problems of the L.G.A.

The Local Government since its creation has a problem of offices due to the non-completion   of the permanent secretariat.

Recreation Facilities

The Local Government has recreational facilities for football, table tenis , swimming, basket ball, squash etc.

Religious Institution

The  Local Government has two major religions, Islam and Christianity.

With many Mosques and Churches where they worship.

Road Network

The Local Government has road network linking the Headquarters with the town and villages. The major roads are Abuja Road and Kachia express road.

Tertiary Institution

The Local Government has the following tertiary institutions:-Kaduna Polytechnic , Staff  development centre, School of Dental Health ,school of health and Technology and Psychiatry.

Towns and Villages

The Local Government having the following towns and village s: Tudun Wada ,Tudun Nupawa, Makera , Barnawa  Unguwar Sanusi,  Unguwar Ma’azu Badiko ,Television, Anguwar  Mission and Kabala.

Traditional Rulers

There are Seven district heads namely. Tudun Wada district, Makera district, Kakuri, districts, Ung Maazu district, Baranawa district  and Sabon Gari district and village heads.

Water Supply

The main source of water in the LGA are the Kaduna Water Board bore hole, wells. Rivers and streams.