This Local Government was created from the defunct Ikara Local Government in 1991 by the regime of General Ibrahim Babangida.

Administrative Structure

The Local Government is composed of seven districts namely;

  1. Makarfi
  2. Nasarawan Doya
  3. Ruma
  4. Gimi
  5. Gazara
  6. Meyere
  7. Gubuchi

It has six departments, which are as follows

  1. Head of Service
  2. Head of Agriculture
  3. Health
  4. Education
  5. Finance & Treasury
  6. Works
  7. Administration


Farming and cattle rearing are practiced by the inhabitants


The people are predominantly producer s of farm products. Their markets are:

  1. Makarfi market
  2. Ruma market
  3. Kunkumi market
  4. Mayere Market
  5. Gazara Market
  6. Gubuchi Market


This Local Government has a total number of seventeen (17) post primary school and 70 primary schools. Namely:-

  1. Government Secondary School, Makarfi
  2. Government Vocational Technical Scool,Makarfi
  3. Government Day Secondary School,Mayere
  4. Shehu Idris School of Heath Technology Makarfi
  5. Gazara Reformatory School, Gazara
  6. Government Secondary School Gubuchi

Makarfi district has 37 primary School

Financial Institution

  1. a) Habib Bank Nig, Ltd Makarfi
  2. b) Hamdala Community Bank

Financial Source

  1. a) Statutory allocation from the Federation account
  2. b) Internal Generated Revenues

Governmental Agencies

  1. a) Rural Electricity Board (R.E.H. )


  1. C) Immigration Dept
  2. d) POLICE
  3. e) State Security Services (SSS)

Geographical Features

It is a large area of land bordered by Karaye Local Government in Kano State in the Northwest, Ikara LG in the north east and Kudan Local Government with a sudan savanna.



Health Facilities

The Local Government has one rural General Hospital at Makarfi, five primary health centres located at

  • Dangu Zuri
  • Nasarawa Doya
  • Mayere
  • Ruma
  • Gubuchi
  • Gazara
  • Kunkumi

There are 32 Health clinics distributed between the two districts making a total number of 38 health facilities.


Makarfi Sugar industry is under construction.


The Local Government has two upper Sharia courts at Makarfi.

Mineral Resources

Precious stone and limestone deposits are in abundance.


Hausa and Fulanis are the dominant tribes.


146,574 ( 2006 census )

Postal Address

P.M.B 0034 Makarfi


The Preponderant religion in Makarfi LGA is Islam

Recreation Facilities

The school in the Local Government provides good sporting field tracks for sporting engagements while the proposed sports centre is under construction at Makarfi.

Road Network

There are township roads at Makarfi and Kudan,Makrfi Tasharyari, Makarfi-Kudan-Hunkuyi-Zaria Rural feeder roads also exists.