Sabon Gari

Sabon Gari Local Government Sharia


The President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida’s Regime created it from the defunct Soba LGA in 1991.

 Administrative Structure

In order to ensure efficient administration, the LGA was divided into six districts which area Basawa, Muchiya, Samaru, Bomo, Hanwa and Sabon Gari Districts

There are four distant department in the government machinery which are headed by highly skilled civil servants.

  3. WORKS

The Director of Personnel Management who is currently Administering the Local Government.


The People of the Local Government area are mainly Farmers and Traders. The LGA Is endowed with arable Hand which has made the production of a wide variety of foodstuffs and cash crops possible.

Art and Culture

The People in the area are predominantly Muslims and as such they observe festivals such as the Ed-el Fitri, Ed-el Kabir and Ed-el-Maulid. The Christians also observe Christmas and other celebrations. The People engage themselves in Commerce

With Sabon Gari and PZ. as the hub, various commercial activities flourish in this Local Government. There are many petrol stations, hair saloons, mini-markets and what have you.


Primary Education in the LGA has always received high priority attention. It is not astonishing there that the Education Authority are thirty nine primary schools spread around the nook and crannies of the LGA.

There are eight public secondary school s and four private ones. Some of the public secondary schools are listed below:-

  • Government Commercial College, Hayin Ojo
  • Federal Government Girls College, Basawa
  • Government Day Secondary School, Dogon Bauchi
  • Chindit Secondary School, Barracks
  • Government Girls College, Hayin Dogo, Samaru
  • Government Secondary School, Kwangila
  • Government Secondary School Bomo

The private schools are ABU Demonstration Secondary School, Therbow College, Unity School, Zango and Army Children College. Children School the Proprietor Zaria


Sabon –Gari LGA is blessed with many of them, such as

  • Union Bank of Nigerian, Sabon-Gari and Samaru
  • First Bank of Nigeria, Sabon-Gari and Samaru
  • B.A. PLC Sabon-Gari and Samaru
  • IBTC
  • Afribank, PZ
  • Sabon –Gari Community Bank
  • Haske Community Bank
  • Bank of the North PZ
  • Himma Community Bank
  • NACB Zaria branch
  • Federal Mortgage Bank
  • People Bank Sabon Gari
  • ABU Community Bank

There are many Insurance firms also in the LGA.

Financial Resources

The Local Government is financed through internally generated revenues and the statutory allocation from the Federal Government just like other tertiary levels of governance.


The landscape of the LGA is plain with the absence of large hills and mountains. It shares common boundaries with Giwa, Soba, Zaria Local governments and Zaria Dam with it.

Government Agencies

The LGA . is inundated with many of them, Zaria being a very old town.


The Local Government is currently administered from Its Permanent Site at Dogarawa. It was formally located at provincial office around Sabon Gari Police Headquarter.

Health Facilities

There are many government health facilities and private ones too. The government established ones are presented below.

  • Family Health Unit Sabon Gari at No.5Niger Street, S/Gari
  • Health Clinic Muchia/Chikaji tobacco Road,S/Gari
  • Health Clinic, Shika-dam
  • Health Clinic, Sabi Village
  • Health Clinic, at Sakadadi Village
  • Health Clinic, at Palladan
  • Health Clinic at Basawa,old Kano Road
  • Maternity Clinic at Basawa,old Kano Road
  • Health Clinic located at Hanwa
  • Health Clinic, Bomo
  • Health post Kwakwaran Manu old Kano Road Kwakwaran Manu Village


There are many industries in Sabon –Gari LGA with many of them in Cikaji Industrials layout


There is a High Court in the GRA and another one along Kings Road. There is a Magistrate Court and an upper Sharia Court also. The Sharia Court is located near the Iyan-Gari’s Office, Sabon-Gari.

Minerals Resources

The LGA is largely a metropolitan area and as such it is difficult to explore area for mineral deposits. However a lot of Querry rectory as located destroying the ecology


Hausas with other people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.


Males are 113,415 and females are 99,256. Total 212,671.

Census: 1991 census

Postal Address

The L .G.A. administrative seat could be reached through, P.M.B.1072, Zaria.

Road Network

The Following are some of the roads in the L.G.A.

  1. Sabon-Gari to Samaru Road
  2. Sabon-Gari to Cikaji Road
  3. Sabon-Gari to Zaria
  4. Sabon-Gari to Muchia Road

The are other township roads too numerous to be listed here. New Construction are going on by the Current Governor of Kaduna State.

Tertiary Institutions

1 Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru

2 Establishing in Federal College of Aviation Technology, Palladan

3 National Institute of Transport Technologies, Basawa

4 National Research Institute for chemical Technology, Basawa

5 Federal College of Leather and Chemical Technology, Samaru


7 Chidic Barrack

8 Basawa Barrack

Towns AND Villages

Some of the towns and villages are Samaru, Basawa, Hanwa, Dogarawa, Zabi, Sakadadi, Shika-dam, Cikaji and Sabon Gari

Traditional Rulers

1 Sabon-Gari District

2 Basawa District

3- Hanwa District

4- Bomo District

5- Muchiya District

6-Samaru District