Policy Aims and Objectives

     Some of the aims and objectives of Zazau Emirate Development Association are:-

  1. To protect the interests of Zazzau Community
  2. To advance the educational, scientific, cultural and economic development of Zazzau Community.
  3. Promoting self –respect and self-reliance.
  4. To serve as the mouthpiece for the Zazzau Community
  5. To encourage peaceful and harmonious co-existence and communal living environment for the entire Zazzau Community
  6. To encourage and promote matters that will enhance the economic status of individual members of the Zazzau Community
  7. To help and improve the health and sanitary conditions of the people be that of an individual.
  8. To organize, help and promote community activities that will be beneficial to the Zazzau Community.
  9. To provide a forum for dialogue among members concerning good neighborliness, displine, social welfare and other issues.
  • To assist members of the community who fall victims of disaster or other calamities
  • To advice members of Zazzau Community on matters affecting their welfare.
  • To discuss and deal with any other issues either affecting an individual member or some groups, or the whole community.